First timer : Novemver 30th event.

dear all , I attended my first event last month ,november 30 from 4pm -6pm; really glad i made the leap.The girls were absolute darlings and the organisation is totally professional : Raj's friendly manner and kindness was key.Invidious to single out the charm of any one girl,they were all great but i must doff my cap to Ree and Mia and salute their beauty.If you're contemplating a visit as a first-timer but feel a little trepidation,let me say you will not regret crossing this threshold.It was a surprisingly convivial and memorable two hours and i shall be back! Phoenix has none of the mercenary sharkiness of a German Saunaclub or FKK : this is the way to go.Many thanks to all the girls,and to the organizers.Raj , you're a gent. See you all soon.
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