Talking of ....... Spanking!

With my fast approaching party poppin debut just around the corner, ( now booked for 3rd Jan 2018 ) instead of the 12th Jan, just couldn’t wait any longer!! A couple of questions come to mind, one of which is spanking! I’m not talking about full on “over the knees and spanking till the cows come home” spanking! My favourite position is, and I’m sure this is a fav for many is banging away at doggy, and of course what compliments this best is a nice bit of ass slapping! Again nothing too hard but the occasional slap to spice things up. Are the girls ok with this? Of course all girls are different, but from my experience I’ve never known a working girl not to like it in moderation! I’ll share my next “like” later... yours comments are eagerly waited!!!....
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