I see that condoms are supplied for partygoers. Wondering whether the girls are checked for sex transmitted diseases on some regular schedule - condoms aren't perfect protection - for their sake and mine ?


  • Cheekybaz
    There is another question that can be asked here are you checked regularly for the girls protection?

    And before you ask yes I am
  • scraggy
    Good one. But I (regrettably) have to imagine that they're having more sexual encounters (exposures) than I am !
  • sparkie
    life is full of risks whether its crossing the road or taking a flight.
    we look at the risks involved and decide if we want to take the risk.
    this is no different look at the risks and decide if you want to take
    the risk its up to you.
  • emma
    Hi Scraggy

    There are no guarantees in life and nothing is 100%. Any sexual activity you do, be it from one night stand, office romance, or impulse urge there is always an element of risk even if protection is used.
    The only way you going to be 100% is get a bottle of Lub and use your righthand!!(or left)
    But to answer your question YES the girls do get tested every month. Its an adult activity you taking part in, so you have to take adult responsibilities.
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