1st timer, 1st report!

So, I'm sitting on the tube on my way home after attending my 1st ever group sex party at TPC, and I'm thinking do I just write another report or try??? and write something a little different. Well after recouping some of my energy, and of course taken stock of what just happened, here goes....
I'm not going over what's already been written so many times before about booking, ease of access, cost, blah, blah! Only to say it's all spot on and true, so that's that, and here's my report.

Today's roll call for the girls team!


And of course, not forgetting Emma!!

Roll call for the boys team!

I think a full house, 10-12 blokes but didn't count to be honest.

I'd read so many posts before my visit today from newbies about shall I , shan't I, is my dick big enough, will I be able to fuck like ALL!!! those other macho studs out there, what if I can't get hard? What if I explode in 2 minutes flat? What will all those other guys think about my dick! You know what??? They won't give jack shit about any of those things... take it from me, mr average, below average dick, and yes I can explode in 2 minutes, and at times today I struggled to get hard, but you what, nobody cared!! Why? Cos we've all been there, we've all struggled with the same thoughts, some more than others.

The venue.
Now I've been reading that the new venue consists of one large room with 3 beds and a sex swing, I'm talking about where the action happens that is! Well as of today it's now 2 rooms, one large room with 3 beds, and 1 smaller room with 1 bed, no sex swing. Now I can't speak from any previous experience as to wether this is better or not, but I would have liked to have tried the sex swing at some point in future visits, hopefully the swing will return! One thing I did note is that with a "full compliment" of flesh in the flat it never felt stuffy or cramped, so hats off to Emma for that!
So what does it feel like being so close to other men having their dicks sucked and fucking the girls? Well I didn't feel funny or uncomfortable at all, don't ask me why, just didn't! Probably something to do with doing the most natural thing on the planet! Oh, and of course having horny girls does help


  • Brummie
    Crispie, welcome to the club.

    Your post is so honest and will appeal to so many others thinking about attending. There really is nothing to worry about.

    I remember my first time at the one big room venue that you mentioned. I booked a place and then spent the next two hours walking in a haze around Hyde Park wondering: ‘do I go, don’t I go. Well, like you I did and have been back several times since.

    Needless to say I was still in a haze after the party, but for an entirely different reason.
  • Cheekybaz
    Nice review Crisple

    As Brummie says gives a very real summation of the experience, for info 9 years ago I was on my way home from a meeting in Reading and sat in Hyde Park for 45 minutes having the debate with myself whether I should make the call or not, in the end I did and went to the 4pm party that day, needless to say from then on as soon as I got out of my meetings in Reading I made the call to book my next party.
  • Raj_Chuppa
    Great report Mr C!
  • Davey2017
    Great first report. Love reading these, because we can all relate to all/part of what people are fearing and then you recount those feelings you have when you leave the party and the first thing you are generally thinking of is 'when can I go back ?'
  • reg87
    That's right ! not so easy to arrange either when you live in France… after a meeting in Paris …because there's no equivalent anywhere round. Unfortunately it wouldn't be tolerated half a minute, when it's one of the most healthy places I've ever been too, better than any kind of therapy, sport or entertainment! So Thank you Eurostar and Ryanair ! I'see you again soon !
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