Its been a while......

Happy new year Phoenix (if its not so odd saying so in first week of February :D )

Christmas seems an age ago, even if the memory of unwrapping Chanelle, Luiza and Kasia, and also giving them presents is still a very vivid memory.

As luck would have it, and hopefully with no cock blocking from the snow, I am down in London all day Saturday, conveniently finding myself at a loose end around 2.30. Somewhere nice needed out of the cold and I found the perfect solution, and I have that feeling of a kid on xmas eve again :)

Looking forward to this, and lots of new ladies that I have not previously met, other than Toni. If Monica is the lady I think she is, then I am really stoked. Roll on the weekend :)


  • Davey2017

    Bugger. My plans have been changed for me, I'm no longer in the capital tomorrow, so will have to defer (hopefully for not too long).

    Emma/Raj - I have sent an email advising that I can no longer make it, but just wanted to make sure you knew in order to release up the place :)
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