'Sexual Olympics at Phoenix' - Party Report - 9th Feb 2018

So on the opening day of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, I attended Phoenix and witnessed athleticism of a different nature...we had our own Sexual Olympics at Phoenix Club, it was led by a multi-national team of 4 girls with very different, but equally enjoyable, abilities.

Kasia was there for Latvia. A statuesque blonde with a mischievous look about her. Her only previous involvement in Winter sports was cross-country skiing. She told me she doesn't like going down-hill. Thankfully there was no issue going down on me, she was very enthusiastic. Then I got behind her for some very personal one-on-one tuition, I can tell you she's a very quick learner and even taught me a thing or two!

Chanelle could easily be a member of the female Jamaican Bobsleigh team in a sequel to 'Cool Runnings', she's 'fit as' and her stamina is second to none, she soon wore me out bobbing up & down on me.

Anna was going for gold for Poland. Can she skate? I don't know, but her figure was sublime. The stunning pale brunette pirouetted around in a very sensual & erotic way eventually getting the result she wanted...a perfect 10 from me!

I paused for some welcome refreshments before re-entering the arena.

Brazil isn't known for its winter sporting prowess, but tiny cute honey blonde Cindy wasn't going to let that stop her. She sat on her bed between two of us guys with a pole in each hand and showed off her cross-country ski technique. Then one of us up front and one behind and Cindy in the middle, we did a sort of 3-person bob which was a thrilling ride. We swapped around for another go with Cindy wriggling around in the middle again, the way her tight pussy gripped on my joystick steered us to an unexpected victory!!

I bet we had way more fun than those poor folks standing around in the freezing cold halfway up a South Korean mountain!!

I just hope I don't have to wait four years for the next one!


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    Ha ha, thanks! I remember writing one on the LMP forum on a similar theme around the time of the London 2012 Olympics...have I really been attending parties that long??
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