Casual Sex after a long term relationship?

Hi All

I am new to the forums and looking for some advice and opinions.

A bit of background of my situation is two months ago my partner of 9 years decided to throw in the towel and left me completely heart broken. Resulted in me loosing my home having to relocate and leaving my job, I have picked my self up starting a new job next week and started to loose weight and feel good about my self, I don`t feel anything for him any more as he has done some horrible things since the end of the relationship and i am starting to think i resent him and not want to speak with him.

Don`t get me wrong a long term relationship is hard work, we lost our sexual chemistry along time ago i am very open in the bedroom to new ideas and introducing toys and games. He on the other hand was lazy and sex always felt one sided i spent a small fortune on sex toys and games to spice things up and he made me feel bad for doing that [​IMG] Lack of attention physically and emotionally turned the relationship sour, after a long day at work his routine was to come in and play games on his PC with friends _ and i would spend most evenings alone. I have never felt the need to cheat and i would never do that to anyone. But since i have split with him i crave sex without the emotional attachment i have a very high sex drive and because i have had the lack of sex the past year or so i want it more than ever now!

There is a guy i have been speaking to i have known him a while but only to speak to, he kind of supported me through my heartache and wanted to be there as a friend, most recently i have started to like him and he sent me a few pics of himself (pics you don`t share lol) i have been very open with him and explained i DO NOT want a relationship but all we want to do is rip each others clothes off, We have shared all our fantasies together what we like and don`t like in the bedroom he is like a male version of me and i think sex would be fun of course i would be 100% safe i`m 33 years old with no children so no other commitments but work.

My main question is.. How do i handle this as i have never had just a casual sex partner before what do i do if he gets feelings? I know i don`t want a relationship just yet but i cant resist what he has to offer (HE IS VERY WELL ENDOWED) 5 inches more than my EX! i am in a dilemma lol Please ladies any advise?? Should i just do it!!

Thanks x x


  • reg87
    You sound like you're a girl Silky ! Are you? If yes, don't worry about relationships and bring your beautiful silky a** to TPC so you get your fair share of ganging & banging! Don't let us pant at you. Let me know when there's a swingers party you're going to so I can join you there… ;-)
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