Saturday parties

Hi there. I attended my first party back in December and had the time of my life lol. The next time I can get to London is in May on a Saturday. I am just enquiring if Saturday parties are easy book in too and are any busier etc than week days.


  • reg87
    Ahhh Amwood86 dear dear!…
    I must say I'm a lucky bastard, because I'll be round that corner, very near Edgware Road as early as in the end of March ! And I intend to attend (is it the right word??? ;-) 2 days in a row … A Thursday and a Friday…
    Wowww (hoping for 10 ≠ girls!… How to dry my balls off and have myself blown up! I can assure you from experience that the parties are just as wonderful and fizzy as usual on Saturdays. I've been to the first at 1:00 and it was just as fun the 2nd at 3:30. Attendance can never be expected and it's excellent, even with 10 guys for 5 girls. Sharing is caring… Roastspit back and front, then swap!…
    Last time we were 2 guys for the 5 girls at a 7:00 party !
    Also a great experience : one French-kissing, another blowing, third licking, a fourth I fingered and was being fingering… Too bad I blew my load in a matters of minutes. I had to start all over again a little later. By the way, remember ! STROKE DON'T POKE ! Cheers…….
  • reg87
    Wes my last comment ok for posting? ;-)) Thanks !
  • Davey2017

    2 guys for 5 girls ? God, Id be crawling back to Euston on my hands and kness....smiling though !
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