New Hostess On Sassy Thursday 12/4


Check out our new hostess NICOLE who starts on Thursday....

Totally new to the parties, come and pop her party cherry >:)


  • reg87
    Oh ! dear dear I wish I could…. I can't wait…
    Please Emma set up the self-same schedule when I cum to see U in May :smile:
    14th and 15th, May remember :wink: MillionThanks !…
    either day as I 'll be in both just as every time : Ist ball and second ball in a row! :p
    although the 2nd one might be just a bit shorter but … still …well shot !
    And it will be my birthday ! We gotta do something ! Cheers
  • reg87
    It says: "Body is required"…
    (because I hadn't filled in anything….)
    I can't agree more !… "Bodies are required!"…"Body -body is urgent!"
    So, remember to bring yours along with yourselves when you pop in The Phœnix !!!
    And don't leave them behind when you leave, even for next time!…
  • reg87
    Hey, Raj 1 : I haven't seen Nicole again since her 1st appearance… Is she due to reappear some day?
    Personally, I'm dying to meet her. Could we book a special schedule ? One with all the new girls for ancient regulars!…
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