New Hostess Patricia

Hi everyone, just a word in to greet and welcome new hostess Patricia !
Delighted we are to see you soon! You look great (fun) !
And why shouldn't you be what you look like on the pics ?
I need tangible heart-felt, hand-felt, dick-hard-felt evidence!
Could you tell us when you are to be seen (and felt likewise) on TPC schedule?
Again I'll be round in May (on 14th & 15th) and happy to meet you then…
Many kisses to you everywhere you choose in the mean time…
It's mean when it forces us to wait too long for such a beauty as yourself !
I know … the longer the better… the harder the better, and the sucker the better toooo ! cheers XXX


  • Cheekybaz
    I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia at the end of the 7 to 9 party last night, her pictures do not do her justice nor do they convey her bubbly persona.

    As this was my second party of the day I can confirm Patricia tastes as good as she looks B)
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