New here...

Hi...this looks and sounds like a whole of fun! But here's the thing; I'm 50+ and whilst I love women, can't compete I'm sure with some of the younger guys! Hoping though to come along on a Saturday fairly soon. Cheers!


  • Davey2017
    It's not a competition :) Come on in, the girls are lovely.....
  • reg87
    Don't worry Jonny, I'm 60 this very week ))-: and I do care… but there's no competition in The Phoenix.… Best thing to keep you fit : keep it working… Next time will be my birthday present!… hoping that "same player shoots again"! And again… Cheers.
  • JonnyNyon
    Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to coming along soon! Might need to pop one of those little blue pills first!! ;)
  • Cheekybaz
    Jonny at only 50+ you're not even close to being one of the oldest attendees at the parties, I'm 68 and I know there are guys in their 70's attending ... you'll be fine
  • FlyTheW
    Hi Jonny, jumping in late and I hope you've had the chance to stop by. True ... while not a competition it is a full contact sport. I turned 60 just before my first party last year and managed 4 pops ... all the ladies are wonderful and I've been to several more. Last time in London, I did two parties on two nights and managed 5 pops one night and 3 the next. If you haven't attended yet, relax, jump in ... the water is fine.
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