Another awesome party 14th April

Oh boy........its a good sign when you ache all over right ?

Booked late on Friday as a localised option fell through for Saturday. Trepidation builds as you know what is coming.

Kasia and Luisa were on the schedule; I have played with these ladies before and I always have a recoccuring dream of Kasia taking me off to the shower. Dreams come true :) Monica was a lady I have been dying to meet for ages. There were a couple of changes, but not a problem as Phoenix have a supply of wonderful ladies. Ivana, who was a new lady for me to meet and Millie, who I had met recently, and had a fantastic time with. She probably has the cutest bum known to man.......

Two hours in real life never goes as fast as this... I had my introduction to Ivana who took me to a great place. Love this ladys personality too, she was great fun. I moved onto Monica who was an absolute whirlwind....what a hot experience she was. A little breather and shower and was summoned by Kasia who knows exactly what buttons to press with me. As the numbers thinned out, we were joined by Ivana, who took care of things, whilst I was tasting Kasia....another breather and half hour left. Im never one for leaving early, after all there is plenty of pleasure to give the girls, even if Little Davey was exhausted. Millie had just conveniently finished and we had a nice chilled out play, this lady is a gorgeous little kitten . I managed to catch Luisa for the last few minutes as the party concluded.

This was my 5th party and I have enjoyed them all. Cant fail. This one really was fantastic. At a risk of sounding like a fluffy and a kiss arse (although I did plant a smacker on Luisa's fine derriere), I love the vibe of these parties. The friendliness, the banter with the girls (which gets better the more frequently that you come), the good respectful attitude people show as well as the awesome sex. I know one of the most common themes you will see on this message board is from first timers wanting to know more, and that anxiety as you contemplate taking the plunge. This is why you do, this is why you bother. And after your first visit, you are thinking about when you can make it back again. I know I am.


  • reg87
    I can't agree more… It's not a place to give your Little Davey a break! I know the trick about not leaving early when the rest of them thins out. Better stay hard… on and on!… It's one of the best moments with the girls gathering around you and giving poor Little Davey a final helping hand! Or mouth… Or cunt… (Stopppp! no no no no arse… that's forbidden, shit!) The atmosphere is such that the girls there most of the time like us for loving them. You feel it! Oddly, I've long thought to myself (as far back as I've known TPC and Marmalade… before that, that I would never know what women really are and are like if I had never come/cum to this place! Sure many of the best little darlings ever known to Man! I'll give an account of my next visits… But this isnot not very soon, let's say in May. I'm dying for the next and next schedules to explore! Cheers! xxx
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