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Why do men ask me how many men are coming to the party when booking? It has a guaranteed ratio of 2:1 or is that to hard to understand what that means?

Please can someone explain why they ask


  • Davey2017
    Really ? That's just brilliant. Perhaps they will think they will be there on a quiet day and get really lucky :#

    I am far more interested in the ladies that are partying and of course always great to see you there Emma :)
  • what
    Next I think they should ask Camelot for the winning numbers to the Lottery because these self entitled people who play the lottery just like anybody who plays the lottery deserves more. Why should anyone think they deserve special entitlements when they pay the same to party just like everyone else, you choose the party you go to that party
  • Cheekybaz
    They probably ask hoping they are going to be attending a party with very few guy present,

    What they don't realise is that the fewer guys that attend the less resting time they will get compared to a party where there are 5 girls and 10 guys attending.
  • reg87
    Hi Emma! You've struck a scorching nerve there ! Some who are not too familiar might fear too many men round… How wrong they are ! Tell them to read this Forum ! If they've been at the Phœnix a few times before, they should understand that each party has its own alchemy. Five girls for a couple of guys may be great fun, but even better if they all come and go and come back.… and forth. It's so nice when all 5 girls are busy on ten blokes… let's say 9 of them. I myself (n° 10) love it to go round the whole party… kiss a butt, stoke a tit, lick a cunt, slurp a hole ring, get my dick grabbed and swallowed up to the hilt on the way, things hardly done at home! Each time start I really start sharing a girl for goof, she sits me to blow me off or ,if she'a already blowing :blush: oh what fun it is to ride on a one-horse's open slut! Jungle balls! Jungle balls!
    Once again : to share is to care! Tell your girlfriends, boyz !
  • reg87
    Or is it "Jingle balls !"…. ?
  • ILJ
    Are they newcomers? If so I'd cut them something slack. I mean being surrounded by sexy naked ladies is intimidating enough as it is. So who would be happy adding a bunch of guys to that?

    This being said. Best parties were full. And no matter the number of boys and girls… anything can happen and even after a few years now I still get surprised every once in a while.
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