Saturday sessions?

Morning all, quick question as a 1st timer hoping to get to the club very soon...which session on a Saturday is "best"? I assume same girls all day so tempting to go earlier, although afternoon may be more relaxed?
Any thoughts appreciated!!


  • ILJ
    They'll both be just fine. If you really do not feel like choosing. Don't and do the whole day.
  • JonnyNyon
    ILJ...class comment! And why the heck not...! :D
  • Cheekybaz

    Define "Best"

    Are you looking for the least number of guys attending or do you mean when the girls have the most energy?

    To answer the second point first the girls will have just as much energy at the 3.30 party as they had at the start of the afternoon at the 1pm party.

    Regards numbers no one has ever come up with a reliable method of predicting which parties will be low in number of guys attending or full, as ILJ says both parties will be fine, the girls like newbies so make sure you mention it's your first time when you book and arrive at the venue.

  • Davey2017
    I have been on both saturday sessions (not on the same day!) and both were as good as each other. Just make sure your balls are full would be the advice I would give.
  • reg87
    Jonny, you are being fussy. Read Emma's comment on the way guyz keep asking her "How many blokes...etc.". [By the way, I've seen a session with a large gang turning up at once, and there were 6 girlz eventually with Barbara saddling up with the task... for a proper ratio of 2/1 ; so don't worry! ] If you like the team on schedule and you haven't spent up your time on (or under) each and every girl , I would advise you do the 2 Saturday sessions in a row. It's only 30mn's break in between to recover, but nearly 5 hours all in all ! I did this once. Emma will be more than happy to accomodate you nicely... into the 2 sessions... And it IS a one-in-a-life-time experience !!! Otherwise, for a very first time , before you rev up, you can go to either, just as the other week days with 3 parties, just go when you feel like going and the time is best for you! There can only be excellent surprises... I've seen the girlz just as fresh and new at 7:00 as they were at 1:00, if not more. You won't feel the difference!... What you WILL feel is sheer WONDER ;-) I've never tried the 3 parties in a row for 8 hours though. You would need a subscription!
  • JonnyNyon
    Thanks all...genuinely it was see if there was a different buzz at one or either but clearly it's both! So both sessions it shall be!! Look forward to it ;)
  • emma
    Buzz is created by you guys contributing to it too.

    We all at TPC try are best and beyond to create a party atmosphere but if you lot are wall flowers and give monosyllabic responses then its difficult for us!!

    if you guys are coming to get VFM i.e. a cheap way of doing 121 and hogging girls instead of joining in the group activity then please take my advice and go to soho walk ups or book an escort. Please don't attend TPC parties. We are all about hedonism x
  • JonnyNyon
    Hi Emma, don't worry I'm really looking forward to my first visit TPC and contributing to a great party atmosphere! See you very soon!
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