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Hi guys

Over many many years I have said this so many times at the parties and on the forum in many different ways to convey that the atmosphere at the parties are equally to do with the guests that attend. Your contribution to create a sexually charged, fun, relaxed atmosphere is very important.

I totally understand that attending an orgy/sex party can be intimidating, nerve recking but I can also assure you that you will have lots of fun.

Don't be shy and do tell your hostesses its your first time. Talk to other guests who may be in same position as you or may be they are regular. Either way its a great ice breaker. Don't be afraid to crack a smile or a joke. Relax and enjoy yourself and have a laugh.

Be open minded. Don't let your inhibitions cause you to judge others or to limit your experience either. You may not be use to being forward but you are most likely going to have to be. Join in the group activity.

As I said on another thread we all attend TPC to have fun so be courteouse to other guests and to the ladies. Sharing is caring so NO hogging.

Look forward to welcoming newbies and regulars for lots of hot steamy sexy fun.



  • reg87
    Thank you Emma, you personally contribute to that splendid atmosphere. I think all party-goes should turn up with that special mind that it's gonna be a moment of magic every time, because it is!. Each bouquet of ladies is such a nice and balanced mixture! So this is the occasion for saying thank you for your sheer gift and talent for harmonious schedules along the week days. For me, it always a surprise, because I cannot choose my days. And it's such a thrill every time! (although I sometimes try to ask you the favour of meeting the new hostesses! ;-)
    Also thank you to all the ladies for their good mood and playful attitudes. Smashing!
  • CrazyFool
    Beautiful and enthusiastic ladies make for great TPC parties
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