Tuesday 4-6 and 7-9 parties

Attended both great line up as usual, strangest thing happened at the 4-6 party some one walked off with Paloma's Knickers.

The girls were treated to something special at the 7-9 party as we had a young lady attend who got to play and enjoy all of the girls .

Great atmosphere

So thanks to Em, Raj and the girls for a really great time once again.


  • emma
    @Cheekybaz the question is who stole them?
  • reg87
    Did Paloma "lay" a complaint with a precise decryption of the purloined knickers?
    Careful ladies! Some fetishists might steal them from you… maybe to sniff them once at home? That's way better than coke and twice as delirious! I don't suppose to offer them to their wives or girlfriends as birthday presents?…. maybe as trophies to set hanging in their living-rooms or make a collection?
  • Cheekybaz
    for the record Paloma did get her knickers back, the guy who took them looked extremely sheepish when he brought them back.

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