Julia and Stacey-boobz gone ? :-()

I met Stacey on Monday. She was gorgeous, large well shaped boobies bobbing round up and down! Tempting butt and pussy-candy! Great experience! It's weird: she's gone off the cast of hostesses at once and even from the very Monday schedule of last week, leaving the other fab four a bit lonely! Same for Julia who was to appear on Saturday last, but I hadn't happened to cross her way yet. She looked (probably still does, but not on the TPC charts) gorgeous, round, soft and fleshy, all sweet and savoury! So good to have fast turnover; the trick being I don't have time to try and submit all the newbie ladies before they flash off. It makes it interesting to spot out the newest figures in the team and look forward to tasting-testing them one by one. I know I just can't turn up often enough and the film goes on without me starring on all the posters. Never mind, it's normally up to 3 or 4 new girls each time! Set a great cast end of next week, please! I'll be there to investigate! Cheers!


  • reg87
    Please Emma, could you schedule Karen again on 1st or 2nd June ? I can swear I'll be there to exchange greetings with her and may more like Lianne, Hailey, Delia, Patricia, Leona the lioness or Diana… whom I haven't be honoured to meet so far! Cheers and until soon!…
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