Tuesday May 22nd 4-6 and 7-9 Parties

So Tuesday 4-6 was my first party into my 2nd decade attending LMP / Phoenix parties.

The girls playing were new girl Diana, Hailey, Kasia, Millie and Ruby.

there were 6 guys attending.

At this party I managed to play with Kasia, Diana, Ruby and Millie before time ran out and I didn't get to play with Hailey.

I'm beginning to think Em's warning about Ruby and Kasia making lots of noise when they cum is aimed at me, thankfully both girls didn't make too much noise when they came ;)

I think the 7-9 party also had 6 guys attending.

This time I did get to play with Hailey before playing with both Kasia and Ruby together, I'd had a very naughty image of Ruby going down on Kasia while I licked Ruby from behind at 4am that morning so when I told the girls they immediately wanted to make it happen, still managed to make Ruby cum several times before she made Kasia cum shudder as she normally does but it was great fun getting there.

All in all another great doube party and my second decade really did start well.

Big thank you to Em for 10 years of amazing parties and to the girls for a great night
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