The Elusive "Full House"

Over the 10 years I've been playing at LMP / Phoenix I've only ever achieved the elusive full house of having played with all of the ladies on the LMP rota once and that only lasted for a single day as Em added 2 new ladies the following day.

As of this moment I am 8 short of that elusive full house but every party I have been to this year has been lots of fun whoever is playing that day.

Will anyone achieve the Elusive Full House in the future ... only time will tell


  • ILJ
    It's been a while since this discussion's last come up...
    Never managed to do it ... too many ladies ...
    And currently there are thirteen on them that I have never had the privilege to play with.

    If the rota is final and if the French railwaymen allow it; I might get closer to that unreachable goal this week ...
  • Cheekybaz
    With the latest departures I'm now down to 7.

    3 of the girls I have met but not played with which leaves 4 I haven't met yet and to be honest I don't see the need to achieve the full house again but that might just be me getting older and wiser.
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