Male strippers and hen-night - what do you ladies g

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A genuine concern! My girlfriend and I have only been going out for a few weeks and we're still finding out stuff about each other.

She's going on a mate's hen-night next week and there's gonna be a male stripper. She's told me that her and her mates have been to seen strippers before and they'd ended up doing more than just watching and that she hoped I wouldn't be upset if it happened again. When I said that maybe I would be, she said its just a laugh for her and her mates and a chance to play with a big willy for a few moments.

I'm a bit gutted to be honest. Does this really happen?


  • reg87
    Ah King1 ! Big interesting question !!! Have you been to Phoenix parties so far ? If not, you should have more than a try and let yourself go. I suppose you wouldn't tell you GF ? Or would you ? and then why not tell her everything about it and take her along with you? why not ?… (In that case, tell me when so I can meet you two and try her out !… :-) Anyway you understand you could do that (come to TPC) just for the hell of it without changing or altering anything in your relationship with her. (that's my own case…). So believe her! She's straightforward and sincere with you. Tell her and show her that you are grateful for it. And tell her you're so happy that she enjoys ! Share her pleasure from a distance. She will love it ! It's so much better if she can let herself go and do what she likes with her mates and get some satisfaction out of it. No frustration ! You will benefit a great lot from it. All the better. Don't be selfish ; don't feel gutted !
    And hi to Emma who is a keen reader and am sure will agree ! ;-))
  • emma
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    Hi Reg

    Interesting point of view. I would like other guys to contribute to this.....I want to know!
    Does this open the door to couples to go to swingers party?
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