masturbation. do you enjoy being listened to / watched?

just thought id ask ? as ive know a few women who like to be listened to or even watched while they masturbate ? is this something that a lot of women at least like the idea of ? even if they never do it ? or have i just been lucky ? :)


  • reg87
    Do you really think, K1, that many women or "girls" are reading this and are actually going to answer your question? To me, it's just like "do they like having sex in the company of more than one?" If yes, they will love being listened to, being watched, heart/hard-felt or even being given a helping hand… just the way men do.
  • ILJ
    Why could not a girl read this? is that a men-only forum ? :smiley:

    As for the rest, not answering the question but need to say I love giving that helping hand, or tongue, on whatever I can in this situation (probably even more that being helped myself :smiley: )
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