Portugal vs Spain ?

What are we expecting from this Iberian War ?


  • Cheekybaz
    Question is have Spain thrown their chance away by sacking their manager today?

    Regardless of that if both Christian Ronaldo and Diego Costa are on the field at the same time what's the betting they both won't finish the full 90 minutes?

    We all know what Ronaldo did to Wayne Rooney before in the world cup will he try to do the same to Diego Costa?

    Me personally I'd like to see Diego keep calm and put 2 goals past Portugal (ok Diego's an ex Blue so I'm slightly biased).
  • Raj1
    Announced as Real Madrid manager one day - dumped by his nation a day before the start of the World Cup the next!

    Despite the best efforts of the players it seems the Spanish FA weren't happy with the fact he was in discussions with Madrid whilst preparing for the World Cup.

    Which way will this go - players revolt against the FA or like Italy in the past do well despite the upheaval?
  • Cheekybaz
    That was some game last night almost a distraction from the sexy ladies who were partying.

    Well my man Diego Costa stayed on the pitch and scored twice like I hoped.

    Only down side is Ronaldo was also still there and managed a hat trick for the draw.
  • ILJ
    Ronaldo can be the man of the game even when he's not playing (thinking about Euro 2016 final :'( )

    As for sacking coaches before/after big events; France did it all recently : Santini announced *during* Euro '04 he signed w/ Tottenham to show to FA he was pissed at not getting a new contract before the start of the Euro and it did not end well. FA extended Domenech's contract *before* 2010 Cup; ended being the worst fiasco of French football (and costly to sack him afterwards) not to mention it ruined Blanc's second season w/ Bordeaux as he was discussing w/ FA to replace Domenech in case of failure since beginning of 2010.
    And this year, Zidane's move putting pressure on Deschamps ...

    (oh and Spain needs no coach just like we needed none in 2006 ... oh wait ... does Spain have Zidane ?)
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