Group F - Germany, Sweden, Mexico, South Korea

As most here already know I am a bit pessimistic about Germany chances of defending our World Cup title and winning our 5th World Cup (my favourites are still Brazil, Spain and France. The turmoil in the Spain squad with the sacking of Lopetegui right on the eve of the tournament and the 3-3 against Portugal in the first match hasn't changed this (yet) ).

The odds are against us:

No country since Brazil 1962 could defend the World Cup title
No Confed Cup Winner could win the World title the year after
We failed 3 times before to defend the title with the World Cup 1978 and 1994 the worst for us so far.

Group F starts tomorrow with Germany vs Mexico. The Mexicans often make it to the k.o stage of a World Cup. We played them already 3 times at a World Cup (1998 1/8 final 2-1 Win, 1986 Quarterfinal 4-1 (on pens) Win, 1978 Group stage 6-0 Win and at last year's Confed Cup we won 4-1.
Actually we have some sort of "mini-crisis" in the last friendlies with being winless in 5 of the last 6 and only a very unconvincing 2-1 win against Saudi Arabia last week but I hope we'll get soon into our "normal tournament" mode.

The Swedes are always a pain in the arse to play and I have respect and sympathy for South Korea since the days of Bum kun cha in the Bundesliga at the end of the 70's. They actually have a former HSV player in their squad, Heung min Son (now Spurs) who played for us from 2010 until 2013

My tip for this group: Germany - Sweden - Mexico - South Korea


  • ILJ
    Heard someone say that Germany 2018 will be like France 2002 ... the end of a story; Löw has been there for too long now.
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