With the game coming up today, how is everybody feeling?

Typically I’m starting to get bullish about our chances, for me none of the teams has stood out despite the quality.

Germany or Brazil didn't set the standards yesterday, but I feel we are the dark horses. If Portugal can go all the way, why can’t we?

It would be so England if we fail to win today, but I feel we’re about to turn a corner.

Come on Engerland!


  • Raj1
    From the sides I've seen up until now, none of them honestly strike fear into me, Spain looked beatable, France and Argentina were shite, saying that the two favourites Brazil and Germany were not all that too, plus many peoples dark horses Belgium. Been most impressed with Croatia of those that have played, beat Nigeria last night without getting into full gear, they'll get to the semis as long as they miss the big boys in the knockouts. Russia I suppose looked good, but against a poor and very naive Saudi Arabia.

    England, thankfully we aren't going there with inflated expectations which always seems to have a negative effect on us. Expect us and Belgium to get out of the group with ease, after that, who knows?
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