Impossible Achieved

Had the pleasure of making Hailey cum in the 4-6 party on Thursday 21st June, people had told me it was impossible to do B)


  • ecivelum
    Helped Bruna and Christine to cum yesterday 1-3 party - not quite sure about Kasia, but I think she had a nice time, and helped me cum. And wish I could have spent more time with the lovely Delia - two hours gone too quickly!
  • Cheekybaz
    ecivelum … good job there … if you make Kasia cum the whole room knows it which is why she and Ruby are constantly getting told off for being too noisy and waking up the neighbours!!!
  • reg87
    Who helped Delia Christine or Diana cum today ? I promise i'll have a go at it next time I cum across either of these 3 !…
  • Cheekybaz
    New girl Leona is keen to meet all the guys who are good with their tongues
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