England v Sweden

Here we go then, first World Cup quarter final for 12 years. What do we all think?

Mentally I actually think that in the end that was the best possible way we could have won that. They've experienced the crushing disappointment of conceding a last minute equaliser and managed to turn it around and find a way to win the tie. That'll hold us in good stead if a similar thing happens again. And by winning on penalties we've overcome probably the biggest psychological barrier that has affected England teams for decades. We've finally got that monkey off our backs and can silence the cynicism and 'England always lose on penalties' stuff. So many psychological battles were won today and that could be huge.

On the negative side, by going to extra time in that heat and psychological intensity we could suffer physically. We have one of the shortest turnarounds and if the game goes the distance again it could cause us problems.

I think Sweden will be a tough test. They're very well organised and tough to break down and I think it could come down to a war of attrition. Could getting through that battle today give us the edge?

I think I'd be tempted to play Rashford instead of Sterling. I'd start Alli again but only if he proves his fitness which I'm not entirely convinced about.


  • reg87
    I'll be supporting England with all my heart today, Raj ! Only after yesterday's France's win !!!… We'll see you in the final, hopefully. A hard crunch just the way we've loved them since Napoleon, Wellington and many more!… Body to body struggle ! In the mean time : GO go go England ! R ;-)
  • reg87
    I'm wondering if some clever boys have booked this slot only to enjoy a quiet afternoon with today's wonderful girls while everyone is watching England's win ? I wish I were there supporting the girls' greed and thirst with head, tail, and body…. hands being permitted in that game !
  • Davey2017
    Well I know where I was when the match was on, and I could hear Emma's reactions, so knew exactly what was happening in the game.

    All I can say was that i was busy scoring with the very lovely Bruna :)
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