Uruguay v France

Apparently there are other quarter finals coming up...

This will surely be a great game and a tough one to call. Hope the referee is strong!

1-2 (Suarez, Mbappe, Suarez o.g.) - this is in my dreams.


  • reg87
    Sure Emma ! Tough game indeed ! Mbappe got knocked down… or pretended to be. ;-)
    Another French saucy brat…! Beautiful goals by Varane's header and Griezman… with a little help from the Urugayan keeper !
    Splendid stops by French keeper Lioris ! But now comes a really big chunk with Belgium who won a fantastic game against Brazil. I'm hoping for a France-England final to sort out the very best ! I'll be watching closely Sweden-England today. By the way, it's a fantastic schedule in TPC today !!!
    How I wish I was with you !… See you in September.. hopefully. Will there be a week off in TPC any time soon ? So I can schedule my visits quite right ? Cheers. I'll see you all with great pleasure, as I'm hoping. R
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