Progress Under Southgate

Compare the feeling of watching England so far in this world cup compared to the last three managers (excluding Sam) and I really get a feeling of great progress. We have a style of play. We have a great team spirit. Players who want to play for their country with pride and a manager who knows what he is doing. I wanted Southgate to get the job after Hodgson. I felt that with his work with the U21 team he would be a great option to bring those youngsters through and we are now starting to see the benefit. Yes we have beaten two poor teams but our progress against this type of team at a world cup could never been guaranteed in the past. While I still think getting to the quarter finals will be about right for this squad I won't be writing them off for going further than that. Its great that people are feeling good about England again. I love international football as well as following Manchester United around the country. I can't wait for Thursday and the next game now and that hasn't always been the case while following England. We have every right to be excited after so many disappointments.


  • Davey2017
    But England have had a fairly decent route to get this far. The one decent team they played was Belgium in the group where it worked in their favour to lose. But it was a nothing game as both had qualified. Obviously you can only beat whats put in front of you and there seems to be decent spirit. 'Better' England sides have achieved less. DOnt wait for Thursday though Raj, the game is on Wednesday !
  • reg87
    1-1 after full time. The English have been a little bit overconfident… Now is the time to score again !
  • reg87
    1-1 after full time. The English are a little bit overconfident… Now is the time to score again !

    9 o'clock … where's the girls what are they up to now ? ;-)
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