World Cup 2018 Prediction League Semi-Final Fixtures

Tuesday 10th July
France v Belgium (19:00)

Wednesday 11th July
Croatia v England (19:00)

ONE joker available.


  • emma
    France 2 - 0 Belgium JOKER

    Croatia 1 - 3 England
  • reg87
    Good bet Emma ! I myself would feel even greedier, as some of the best-playing teams often look dull at that stage when the stakes are high. I'm speaking of Belgium of course. Judging by what France have shown so far they can do something totally stunning, just like your TPC girls !… This is written One hour 13 mn before the game … ;-)
    I'll soon write about England
  • reg87
    We (France) won Belgium !… 1-0 ; only to save some spur for the final ! A brilliant game, with majestic keeper Lioris everywhere he should be, and a terrific header by defender Samuel Umtiti, while Mbappé was actually "playing" with the ball round everyone.
    Very similar team is England, young and playful, strong, inventive and fast when they should be.
    Poor Croatia will get themselves gobbled up 4-1 tonight. As I'm hoping… we'll see… ;-)
    Which forecasts a fantastic final England-France on Sunday: (y)our very best enemies !…
    The thing is whichever side loses, we'll be disappointed for our team… but delighted with the opponents' victory anyway. And at least, I know that I'll have something to celebrate at and with the Phœnix girls next time I'm in London!… You bet ? ;-)
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