Basic Grooming & Personal Hygiene Tips for Swingers

This advice on personal hygiene is aimed at beginners and people who are considering trying this lifestyle and is a fairly detailed list of things to consider. For a lot of people who are into this lifestyle personal hygiene is a very big factor and is not something that should ever be over looked, in fact GOOD personal hygiene will not only boost your own confidence, but will also attract other people towards you and keep them coming back, by all means if you find this very long post useful please add your comments.

HAIR – Your hair should have been recently cut or styled (and should be washed and conditioned before every meet) and have a clean and none greasy appearance.

Hair Products – Heavy use of such hair products should be avoided as they can leave the hair looking and feeling greasy, wet, and sticky, which isn’t good if people are running their hands through your hair, plus after ten minutes “rolling around” in bed your hair will probably look like something out of a science fiction movie anyway . Safety, is another vital aspect to think about when using these products, let’s say for example that someone touches your hair that’s covered in hair sprays and gels “and then touches their eyes” or even genital area, that alone could cause a serious reaction, and yes in some extreme cases people can be heavily allergic to such products, another good question is if they are flammable, and if your hair is going to set alight if you brush past a candle or naked flame.

Hair Dye – Can be very affective, and can improve appearance, for example covering grey can make you look years younger, or just re-dying your hair and covering roots, but remember hair dye is powerful stuff so always read the instructions well, and my advice would be to always dye your hair (5 to 7) days in advance, which will allow some time for excess dye to be washed out during bathing. REMEMBER if you have just dyed your hair for sometime after it can rub off onto bed sheets, cloths and pillows, which obviously people wouldn’t appreciate, so by all means dye your hair in advance and give enough time for any excess dye to be washed out.

The ideal would be to have clean, recently cut hair that is shampooed / conditioned before every meet, and smells fresh and is healthy to the touch, this will not only help boost your own confidence, but will heighten other peoples opinions of you, because believe me greasy, unclean, and smelly hair is NOT a way to impress and wont get you invited back, so make sure your hair is thoroughly clean before every meet.

EYEBROWS – This for some people is an area that can often be over looked or just totally ignored (men are often the worst offenders) and sometimes eye brows can grow vastly out of control and become very long, thick and bushy. This can be a big mistake because overgrown and untended for eyes brows can be a turn off for some people, and also because some studies have shown that people with stronger and thicker eyes brows tend to look more aggressive “or rougher” than those with lightly trimmed eyes brows, and that might not be the best image to cast. For most women, trimming or waxing of the eyebrows is the norm, however if this is not something you typically consider, you may want to visit a professional for a wax/trim.

EARS – Excessive ear hair / ear wax can also be a turn off to some people, and can also be distracting if noticed. My advice would be to trim away any unwanted hair, and to make sure the outer ear is thoroughly washed with soap and water, and that your ears have no major wax build ups. Example – Have you ever licked or sucked the top part of someone’s ear and it’s actually felt a little greasy or waxy, this can be avoided simply by washing the outer ear well enough with warm water and soap, and by removing any large wax build ups.

NOSE HAIR – This again can be an overlooked area that many people forget, but also one that could potentially put people off or serve as a distraction, ideally you should trim away any “visible” nose hairs before meeting. This can be done delicately with a pair of small grooming scissors, or with a special nose grooming device. Simply push the tip of your nose upward and look for any stray hairs in the mirror. If you can see them when doing this in the mirror then others can see them from some position under/next to or above you.

ORAL HYGIENE – Oral hygiene is perhaps one of the biggest and most vital areas that people will judge you on, because “no offence” but if your teeth are yellow, smelly, milky, covered in stains and tarter, and you have bad breath, then basically that will be a very big turn off for a LOT of people, and if you want to be involved in this lifestyle and would like to play with and experience other people then I’d suggest keeping your mouth, tongue and teeth as clean as possible, and should take extra care before meets and give your teeth, tongue and mouth a really good clean with a toothbrush and toothpaste, making sure that your teeth and mouth are clean and fresh. You may also want to carry a small bottle of mouthwash, gum and/or mints along with you in your play kit.

I can not stress this enough because yes some people’s opinions of oral hygiene differ greatly, some people brush their teeth two times a day, others brush them maybe two times a week, but honestly if you want to make clean, fun, and long lasting friends from this lifestyle then I’d suggest you make your teeth and oral hygiene as clean as possible “before every meet” and would even consider using mouthwash before playing, especially if you have smoked, drunk or eaten since brushing your teeth. IF your teeth are in a bad state, or if you fancy taking things a step further then by all means go to a dentist and ask for a “scrape and polish” which will have a dramatic affect, or alternatively you could try some of the teeth whitening kits that are available from most pharmacies and super markets. Good oral hygiene will win you a lot of points with potential play mates, so make sure you are clean, fresh, and shining before every meet.

Mouthwash Tip: - Buy a bottle of none antiseptic mouthwash and just before playing let everyone involved have a mouthful of the same mouthwash, that way when it comes to playing everyone’s mouths smells and tastes the same, HOWEVER after using the mouthwash make sure to spit it out and give your mouth a good rinse with cold water or else the smell and taste of mouthwash stays to strong for kissing comfort, and can also affect oral sex with a menthol like affect.

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