Basic Grooming & Personal Hygiene Tips for Swingers Part 2


Beards – Having a beard in some respects is perfectly fine and acceptable, as long as you do understand certain aspects. Having a large overgrown and untended for beard can look messy at times, can get wet or even carry food particles and will put some people off “as not everyone likes beards” so my advice if you have a bread is to make sure its trimmed nicely, looks presentable and is well groomed. If you are unsure how to do this correctly then by all means go to a local hair stylist as a lot of them will also have a shaving service, or will be able to direct you to somewhere with a shaving service.

Stubble – Men who do not have full beards will often get stubble and forget to shave for a few days “well lads” maybe it gives you a bit of a rough look, maybe it doesn’t look that bad, and is only a bit of stubble, but my honest advice is to shave that stubble off before every meet, simply because having stubble can not only lower peoples overall view of your hygiene “look he hasn’t even bothered to shave, bet he hasn’t even washed either” and so on…. But more to the point please remember that stubble can be like “SANDPAPER” and if you’re rubbing up against people, and maybe even giving oral sex then basically it could feel like your rubbing sandpaper between someone’s legs, so my honest advice would be to remove the stubble and have smooth skin.

Back Hair – Back hair is another big turn off for most people and is an easy area to overlook, miss or ignore, in fact we have all seen men walking down the street with huge clumps of thick back hair coming out the top of their shirt, and some men seriously have a problem with thick, dark back hair, and often leave it to go wild. This obviously is a big mistake simply because unsightly and untended hair can put people off you quickly, my advice would be to get it waxed (as that is the easiest and most long-term "fix".

Under Arm Hair – Most women keep their underarms (and legs) shaved anyway, but occasionally some prefer the natural look. Most find the shaved approach is often the most accepted and desired for women, in fact some people would be put off by women with hairy armpits. Men on the other hand generally don’t shave their armpits, but would say a light trimming (if you have very heavy under arm hair) would not hurt, as again overgrown or sweaty under arms will put some people off. While we are under your arms, please don't forget antiperspirant/deodorant. Even if you don't typically sweat a lot or have much noticeable body odor, people will be much closer to you than normal, and body odor is a huge turn-off.

Pubic Hair – This again is another huge factor in how people will view you, and again is something that people’s opinions differ on greatly, for example some people don’t mind a little trimmed and groomed pubic hair, others would prefer none at all, while others adopt a more natural and overgrown approach, so yes peoples opinions in this do differ greatly, but in my experience natural / overgrown / uncared for pubic hair DOES NOT WORK in this lifestyle and certainly does not help. Overgrown pubic areas on (men or women) can cause numerous problems during sex, for example they can get caught in the teeth or mouth during oral sex, or can even become tangled around the penis or condom which can cause pain or discomfort, and basically if your going to be playing with someone then is nice to be able to see what your playing with.

Ass Hair – This again falls into the unsightly hair category because some people can have very hairy bums, this can sometimes be excessive, in which case I’d recommend either shaving or asking for advice at a waxing salon. Included in this area is the hair that surrounds your anus. Even if you do not engage in anal play activities, if you are naked people will see your ass and if there is an excessive amount of hair surrounding your ass-hole it can be a turn-off. The easiest thing to do is to simply reach around with a razor while you shower and do a quick once over to remove excess hair. You don't have to shave it bald (and I wouldn't recommend doing so, as it can be really uncomfortable when the hair returns).

HANDS / FINGER NAILS – Hands are probably one of the most vital areas of your entire body, not only because we use them to touch and please people, but also because we use them to touch EVERYTHING ELSE and they can often be the dirtiest parts of our body that often touch and pick up germs. My honest advice is to ALWAYS make sure your hands are very clean, and if possible wash them with anti bacterial hand wash before playing; this will help eradicate any germs.

Nails - Finger nails are another area that is fairly easy to over look “especially if your in a rush” but be warned that NO ONE will thank you for coming near them with dirty, broken, sharp or smelly finger nails, and if your planning to shove those fingers inside a girl then you could easily cut or hurt the girl if your nails are to long or sharp, and if they are dirty then you could be passing on germs or infection. My advice would be to cut or groom your nails before each meeting, and make sure to do this before you have a bath or shower (not after) this will help make sure your nails are clean.

FEET / TOE NAILS – Obviously feet and toe nails can be a sweaty, sometimes smelly part of the body, and it’s also easy for nails to break, chip, become sharp, or pick up dirt, and in some cases smell rather cheesy or bad. By all means you can have the best bodily hygiene in every other aspect, but if your feet are smelly and your toes are dirty and sharp like razors then chances are people won’t be impressed, my advice would be to cut your toe nails and make sure to thoroughly wash your feet before any meet.

BATH / SHOWER TIME – Make sure you have a (really good) bath or shower before each meeting, and PLEASE don’t shower the day before, or countless hours before you meet someone and think that’s ok, because its not, instead shower a few hours before you meet so you’re as fresh as possible.

I recommend making this bath or shower good and taking a little extra time than usual, use a little extra shower gel and make sure to cover yourself well, give your feet a good clean (remember cut your nails before having a shower or bath), shampoo and rinse your hair, then use conditioner, and take the time to make sure your body is thoroughly clean, that your ears are free of wax, that your feet don’t smell, that under your arms have been cleaned well to remove any sweat or old deodorant, and that your genital area and bum are very clean and smell free. Make sure to have a very good shower or bath, don’t just jump in and out in 30 seconds but take the time to have a full and proper wash, and make sure to follow some of the advice above such as trimming away unsightly hair, brushing teeth well, trimming pubic hair ect.
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