Basic Grooming & Personal Hygiene Tips for Swingers Part 3

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Other Hygiene Tips:

PERFUME / AFTERSHAVE – Obviously after bathing and grooming yourself adding some nice aftershave or perfume can be nice, HOWEVER as silly as this sounds please AVOID putting it on your face, neck or chest because people often lick or kiss these areas, and having a mouthful of aftershave or perfume is not nice.

DEODORANT – This obviously comes in various forms, liquid roll on, spray, hard roll on, and in my opinion (if your not allergic to them) then a nice deodorant should be used before meeting (especially under the arms) which is what they are designed for, as remember during play / social evenings it can get rather hot, and people can get warm, and even nervous, which will cause excessive sweating, or even body odor (BO) and a good deodorant will help combat this, but again do not spray or apply to places that could be kissed or licked, as licking deodorant is not nice.

CLOTHES – Make sure you choose clean clothes that are suitable to the event you are attending. While jeans and a polo shirt may be fine for some events, others may a man to wear dress pants. Ladies typically will wear clothing they find to be both sexy and comfortable. Avoid going out in anything you would consider doing housework or exercising in.

PARTY / TRAVEL BAG - Some people will create their own party or travel bag to take along when they meet people or go to club events, and within that bag will obviously be numerous items they could need, not only from a safety point of view such as padlocks for lockers, medication, and so on, but also for personal hygiene point of view with things like mouthwash, towels, spare underwear, deodorant, breath mints, condoms, nice aftershave or perfume ect. I’d not recommend this bag been to large, but something small to medium sized with a padlock clasp on the zip would be ideal, that would be easy to carry and could be secured a little more needed.


  • reg87
    Thank you Raj1 for all this detailed advice ! These are indeed the conditions for both men and ladies to relax feel confident and forget about all the daily troubles. Boys, understand that these charming ladies are not mere toys or playthings. They give themselves as your girlfriends, if only for a couple of hours. You have to make the most and the best of what they are offering, you have to please them, to seduce them, to delight them , to fondle them to the extent of your talents and capacities.
    One more area maybe in which you ought to be overly careful :blush: make sure that you wash your dicks properly and indeed scrub clean the ring and folds round the glans of your penis ! Only produce extra clean willies for your honey to suckle, just the way you will have noticed their spick and span tits pussies and butts (not to mention all the other delicious parts to suck on !…)
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